How to make my penis bigger - did this thought ever hit you at some time? This is normal for every man especially if he wants to improve the quality of his sex life. There are actually many products that address such concern. Which products suits you and your lifestyle best is already based on your personal choice.


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Yes -- and most men would jump at the chance to have a bigger penis. Do you think bigger is better? The truth is that most women like seeing a big penis, so first impressions can matter a lot.

Men that suffer from small penis size and poor sexual ability can now improve themselves with penis enlargement pills, natural exercises, and stretcher devices. I have tried to enlarge my penis, and finally found some methods that do work.

Let me tell you how to get your penis bigger naturally. That penis enlargement is a gradual process that doesn't happen overnight, and it's not for everyone.

First a little anatomy

Your penis is made up of 3 main areas, or chambers. The two on the top are made of spongy tissue that fills up with blood during erections. Together they are called the corpora cavernosa.

The other major chamber runs along the bottom of the penis, and is called the corpus spongisum. This part holds the urethra, which is how urine and ejaculate leave the body.

Exercises and stretchers

Natural penis enlargement raises a man's confidence, and this has a huge effect on his sexual health.

80% of men doing natural penis enlargement use daily exercises to improve their size, and penis health. Enlargement exercises, along with the stretcher devices are a safer alternative to surgery, and work by stretching the penile tissues.

This is the same stretching process used after penis enlargement surgery. As the penis is stretched, whether with exercises, or for longer periods of time as with the device, it grows.

Penile tissue that can't even be enlarged with surgery can expand in order to fill up with more blood. Doctors have done tests that prove that size gains depend on how much devices are used, or how often exercises are done.

Many men combine some form of the stretching with pills to improve the inflow of blood to the penis.

Herbal penis enlargement pills

Herbal pills improve blood circulation and have no side effects. They help to relax the smooth muscles that control erections inside the penis, to allow blood to flow in. Aphrodisiac herbs in pills aim to improve sexual desire and sensation.

Herbal pills are made of unique sexual herbs, like Ginseng, Catuaba, and Zinc. These ingredients come from trees in some of the purest rain forests on earth..

Long term use of herbal pills can add new layers of cells in the walls of the penis to add permanent size in girth, or thickness. Penis enlargement pills also have been shown to promote long term penis health.

There have been many new advances in the methods to enlarge penis size. While surgery, pumps, and prosthetic devices start to fade out as painful or otherwise dangerous methods, natural penis enlargement gets more popular.

As a result of a man's desire to improve his sexual health, there are now thousands of companies promoting herbal penis enlargement pills and exercise programs about how to get your penis bigger naturally, among other methods.


How To Get Your Penis Bigger At Home Naturally?

Do you want to know how to get your penis bigger at home naturally? Natural methods have been used by ancient Sudanese-Arabs to get bigger penises (over 10+ inches in length and 7+ inches in girth). There are also natural herbs from China that have been used in penis enlargement pills that increase blood flow to the penis. There have also been ancient and cruder methods of 'plastic surgery' in different regions.

I will mainly discuss how to get your penis bigger naturally, although there are other methods you can use like the 3Ps: Pumps, Pills, Phalloplasty (plastic surgery), you should have a good understanding of natural exercises and how you can use them to make your penis bigger!

2 keys to making the penis bigger:

1. Gently forcing more blood into the penis than it can normally accommodate. It responds fast by getting bigger to accommodate the increase!

2. Gently stretching the penis length so that over time it will accommodate and you get a permanently longer penis!

2 Exercises to make at home your penis bigger naturall:

The Penis Jelq- This is a 'milking' motion like you would a milk a cow (if you have milked a cow before, if not you have an idea what it would be like:). Your penis should be about about 70% hard and apply adequate baby oil or lotion to it. Grip the base of your penis firmly with the American "OK" grip and stroke upwards moving blood up along the shaft towards the head. When you get to the head of your penis, switch hands and do the same motion. Try to Jelq for 10 minutes your first time with each stroke lasting 5 seconds.                                                                                                                The Penis Stretcher-This is a pulling motion with your flaccid penis. Grip the head of your penis, pulling it directly in front of you just enough so that you feel a nice stretch and no pain, hold it there for 20 seconds and release resting for 5 seconds. Stretch for 10 minutes your first time!

Now you know what to use, there are some methods that you want to avoid as a beginner or risk serious injury. Various contraptions like Pumps, Hangers and Weights should be avoided and Plastic surgery is so dangerous that people have died on the operating table-please before thinking of surgery make sure you understand that you pay $5,000 to over $20,000 and also sign a waiver so you cannot sue the surgeon or the hospital if something goes wrong.

The bottom line to making your penis bigger at home naturally is consistency.


How To Get Your Penis Bigger Naturally With Male Enhancement Exercises 

Every guy is curious about male enhancement exercises because who doesn't want to have a bigger penis naturally and increased girth? Male enhancement leads to a more satisfying sex life for you and your partner. Enlarge your penis with these exercises that give you back your manhood. A larger penis leads to better sex. Women are obsessed with the size of penis. Women want a big cock to give them screaming orgasms. You need to do male enhancement exercises to get a bigger dick for better sex!

The secret key to enhancement revolves around blood flow. By increasing blood circulation you allow for the penis to fill more in girth and size. Here are the techniques to naturally and easily increase the size and performance of your penis

One of the central techniques for this are Kegel exercises. That's right, they're not just for women. These strengthen your PVC floor muscles to allow for a variety of benefits By clenching and unclenching the muscles surrounding your penis (hint: you're doing it right if you can make your penis move without touching it) you increase your control over the strength of your erections and can postpone your ejection almost indefinitely if your practice this regularly. These muscles help HOLD the erection AND increase size of penis

There are a few recommended stretching exercise that can be learned and performed for a few minutes every day. For example some people do pulling exercises in order accustom the penis to lengthening. An added benefit of these exercises is the ability to postpone orgasms that develop as the muscles surround the penis are strengthened.

Should that not work, consider using a cock ring. This is extremely helpful if you are prone to premature ejaculation since clamping helps you maintain your erection. To use this, simply pump your dick until you have an erection and then put on the cock ring (I recommend softer ones for safety reasons) Since it helps increase the blood flow to the penis you'll find that it enlarges your penis size and enhances your sexual experience.

These male enhancement exercise and tips can be done in the comfort of your own bedroom. They do not require expensive equipment. They don't require you to take  pills.They don't take you any longer than you would spend to masturbate anyways. So what are you waiting for?

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